Who we are
Who we are

Havel company was founded in 1989 when Miroslav Havel since 1986 Miroslav fashioned the first wooden paddles and tree years later the first composite paddles and kayaks.

First, for its own use and closest friends later also for other interested persons from other clubs.

In 1991, the company Miroslav Havel began producing carbon oars for rowers. In 1994 Miroslav started to produce rowing boats. First skiffs and later Double Sculls. In 1996 it exported Miroslav oars and rowing boats to France and Poland, and later in Australia, Germany, Austria, Hungary and other countries.

In the years 1997-2001 Miroslav gradually expanded production of parts for the automotive and aerospace industry, and also expanded as a major distributor of composite materials in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

In 2002 Miroslav focused its activities mainly to distribution of materials on which was in great demand.

In order to ensure the growth of production and while he could devote distribution of the materials, combined production of rowing boats and oars with a smaller but well-known competitor George Tesárek and investor George Rejmon founded the joint company Malevi Ltd.

Despite the fact that in the first tree years, the company employed 15 permanent staff and supplied its products to most European countries did not agree with Miroslav and his companions on the future of the joint venture and other steps that were needed, mainly due to a huge expansion in the production and planning. With these fundamental disagreements Miroslav officially without paying their share and left Malevi began intensively pay distributing materials.

 Based firm HAVEL COMPOSITES CZ Ltd. with the same name and also companies in Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and the Ukraine. In 2005, his company Miroslav certified according to ISO.

In 2010, along with his son Jakub returned to his former hobby and kayak sport and the needs of her son, Miroslav very intensively he began to manufacture kayaks, canoes and paddles. As before, these gradually began its products to market, and in 2012 renewed his earlier contacts for export to other countries in Europe.
At the turn of 2012 and 2013 put into operation a new web application for its products for rowers, canoeists and kayakers www.havel.us